Don't Starve: Pocket Edition App Reviews

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Très prenant

Jeu adorable et plein dhumour. Very catchy, thanks.

Just one more thing!

Im very happy the iPhone version. Its an awesome game! My only request: VIRTUAL JOYSTICK to control movements! Its boring to be clicking everywhere.

Incredible compatibility work

I love this game! And Im so glad that the iPad version is actually a full game! Fun everywhere!

impressive game

I love survival games and this one did what I expected


As said in another review (meaning that no one read it since its an pertinent review) the PC game is flawless, i have 0 complaints. That said: the pocket edition is terrible, having to tap for moving around is just non-sense; Your finger gets in the way and you cant see where your going and the other way: tapping and waiting until the character reaches it makes you an easy target while fighting/fleeing. Cooking is disastrous, if i have 10 carrots i have to tap the screen 20x to cook all of them. The rest is ok i think? Couldnt know since i wasnt able to reach day 5 since i bought the app because mobs always kill me because mobility is almost 0, but these issues makes the game really annoying to play, thus the 1 star. Fix this and its easily 5 stars.

Update needed

Please update the Game. German is translated badly. Viele bugs. Stürzt regelmäßig ab. Steuerung spinnt manchmal.

Klei are making nice games. Check there site, they are amazing!

Nice that you dont need to pay for RoG. Best mobile game for me!

simply awesome

and by the way, absolutely playable on iphone 5s!

Super Game

Whether for 15 mins or a few hours this is great game. Lots to discover, crafting, monsters and strategy! Really worth even €5 but at ,99 its a no brainer!

Shipwrecked dlc

Very good Game , but please add the shipwrecked Dlc (SW)

Wonderful Game - terrible handling (digital control pad)

Like the steam version of Dont Starve on PC this pocket version is challenging and entertaining, even without mods. BUT: The controls are terrible! Why is the only option to move the character via touch-display? Why is there no optional virtual control pad ??? This would make everything more easy, for example one would not accidentally light trees with the torch, hit a befriended pig et cetera..also scouting the map would be much more easy - in my view this game is only playable with better controls,so sadly the current state of this game is: average conversion of the computer version

A Must Have

Dont Starve is unbelievable deep game. It does have a strong learning curve but is so worth the 1 dollar price. The PS4 edition is by far the best but this iPad edition allows me to take Dont Starve on the go. This is a must have game. I own this game on several platforms. 5 to tell the truth just dont tell my wife. Cheers Klei entertainment Dont Starve is an excellent game. Please bring Dont Starve Together the PS4 and iPad

Great game need shipwreck dlc though

Great game need shipwreck dlc though

Great game

Love the game and I havent had any problems yet, great job!

A solid game

So far I havent noticed any kinds of glitches or anything. The game overall is very addicting and is insanely fun. Cant wait to see what new things come with the next update!

One of the greatest games available

Great music and gameplay only thing wrong is that the nights last longer than on the PC version

Good game but...

This is a good game but I dislike how its very hard to place walls and get a large amount of items such as gears, red feathers, black fathers, coal etc.

Good game

This game is better than most survival games but it would be better with an optional tutorial to start you off

I want to rate this 5 stars, but it crashes, a lot.

This game is awesome. I love it and am totally addicted. BUT- there are few things more frustrating than being engrossed in a game, making good progress, and... Crash. Progress lost. Please fix this, I cant handle the frustration.

I love this game!

I really enjoy playing this game. It runs smoothly and it doesnt crash, this game is totally worth the money but I would love it if Klei could add multiplayer. That is my only request keep up the great work Keik! :D

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